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Would you like a custom coloring page? Select from any of our coloring pages and send me a request with the message or name you would like to be added to the coloring page. Custom Coloring Pages are sent directly to you're email address. The cost is $7 per customized page.

Have an idea for a coloring page you aren't finding on site? Feel free to email me with ideas. 

Are you an excellent artist? Send us a photo of you're artwork and we'll feature it in our Kids Coloring Page Art Gallery! Send you're submissions to 

Thanks for submitting!

Rainbow Playhouse offers tons of original coloring pages for you to print and color at home. Choose from Doll Houses and Animals, You're Favorite Disney Characters and Popular Cartoon Characters and so much more. You name it, we've probably drawn it. Want to color along with us on Youtube? Visit Rainbow Playhouse Coloring Pages for Kids and Color along with us as we teach you how to draw and color in a fun and creative way!